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NBA Hall of Famer slash cross-dressing wild man Dennis Rodman is in North Korea filming a basketball documentary of some kind. That’s crazy enough.

Leave it to The Worm to give us even more fodder, however.

Rodman, upon arriving in the communist dictatorship, remarked that maybe he’ll see the “Gangnam Style” dude (a.k.a. PSY) while he’s there.

Dennis Rodman on CNN



North and South Korea could not be more different, and tensions between the two countries run high. But to Rodman, apparently it’s all the same Korea.

PSY responded, “I’m from #SOUTH man!!!”

To most, this is obvious. Not to Rodman.

Rodman, obviously, is not an international relations guru, and is among the unlikeliest of candidates to make the ever-rare American trip to North Korea.

Perhaps that will work to his advantage.

Sure, there will undoubtedly be a host of awkward cultural moments like this, but no one can accuse him of harboring hostile intentions toward the North.

Dude probably doesn’t know who Kim Jong Il was. Or at least why he was reviled by the West. Though maybe we’re not giving the Worm enough credit.

Here are some of his other Tweets from this week: