Westboro Baptist Church: OWNED at Santa Monica Protest!

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Westboro Baptist Church was overwhelmed at its own protest this week as hundreds of citizen turned its anti-gay protest into a celebration of love.

Monday, outside Santa Monica High School, Westboro Baptist Church members assembled with signs reading "God H8s Fags" and "You Eat Your Kids."

That is what they do, and in this case it was to protest the California high school's affirmation of LGBT students, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In response to WBC's protest, the district penned an open letter reaffirming its “unwavering commitment to teach tolerance, acceptance and compassion for others."

And on Monday, hundreds of students and Santa Monica residents showed their support by congregating across the street from the Westboro members.

They waved flags, held hands and carried signs reading "God Cares for All Creation," "Ain't Nobody Got Time for Hate" and "God Hates People Who Say They Know Who God Hates."

The amazing response was recorded and posted online.

Maria Leon-Vazquez, vice president of the Santa Monica Unified Board of Education, said this proves there is no room for hatred in their community.

“Our students understand that everybody has the right to their First Amendment rights, and so be it,” Leon-Vazquez told CBS Los Angeles affiliate KCAL-TV.

“But we, in this particular city, we really understand that there is no room for hatred and bigotry, so the students decided that they had to make their point this morning.”

Point taken.

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