Evelyn Lozada on Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together: TWO THUMBS UP!

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Rihanna getting back together with Chris Brown has drawn serious backlash from many fans and fellow celebs, but Evelyn Lozada is not one of them.

Evelyn tells Celebuzz regarding Rihanna and Chris Brown: "Their incident happened years ago and he’s [Chris] been though a lot because of it as well."

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"If he’s changed and gotten the help he was supposed to get, I don’t see anything wrong with it," adds the Basketball Wives star and friend of Rihanna.

Evelyn certainly knows where Rihanna is coming from, given that she ended her own marriage last summer after Chad Johnson head-butted her.

She continued:

“I feel like if it works for you, then great. If he’s changed then even better. That’s her life and I feel like that’s another reason why I love and respect Rihanna.

“I hope he’s [Chris] changed and he respects her and loves her and obviously will never go down that path again. I think he’s learned his lesson.”

“She doesn’t fall into what she thinks that she do for the people. She lives her life,” she added. “It’s hard to do that when so many people have an opinion."

"We don’t know what they deal with, what goes on behind closed doors."

Evelyn Lozada went on to heap more praise on Rihanna personally.

“The misconceptions are that she’s wild and crazy because that’s all people get to see. But I’ve been with her behind closed doors. She’s amazing."

“I mean, this is the same person I see hug and kiss her cleaning lady. She’s loving and super super sweet and amazing to me and my daughter."

“I think people put so much pressure on her being a role model and that’s a lot of pressure when you’re just trying to live your life,” she added.

What do you think? Is she on point? Off base? Somewhere in between?

Rihanna and Chris Brown back together: What's your take ...

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