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Police have announced a record $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of Christopher Dorner, the ex-officer suspected of killing at least three individuals, including a cop.

Dorner is believed to be targeting police and their families due to his his 2008 firing from the force.

Dorner posted a rambling manifesto on Facebook a couple weeks ago, during which he threatened the lives of former colleagues and also praised a number of celebrities for their beauty and intelligence.

Robby Anderson Mugshot

In response, Charlie Sheen pleaded with Dorner to call him, but the fugitive remains on the loose.


The $1 million bounty was announced yesterday and reportedly stems from police union and business donations.

With police in the midst of their most extensive man hunt in history, security was tightened at the Staples Center for last night’s Grammy Awards.

Last Thursday, Dorner ambushed two police officers in their patrol car, killing one and seriously wounding the other. His Facebook rants make it clear he thinks he was wrongfully terminated from the LAPD years ago.