The Bachelor Recap: A Record-Breaking Effort

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Having trimmed the field down to 16 coming into this week, Sean Lowe resumed his quest for Mrs. Right in the third episode of The Bachelor.

We're officially entering silly season on The Bachelor, as the episodes between the first two and the last three are oftentimes the most ridiculous.

Which of the ladies produced the most drama tonight? What kind of absurd dates were we subjected to? Find out below in THG's official +/- recap!

Sean Lowe Shirtless Photo

Check out The Bachelor spoilers if you're impatient and want to know for sure, but it looked like a number of contenders really stepped up tonight.

Some pretenders revealed themselves as such, too. Who, you ask?

Lesley M. got the first date, and it was a record-breaker. Literally.

A trip to the Guinness World Record Museum ended up with Sean and Lesley trying to break the record for longest on-screen kiss. They did! Plus 20.

It was really awkward and uncomfortable after awhile! Minus 10.

If the producers were going for romantic fireworks? Fail. If they were going for unintentional comedy? Marginal success. Call this one a Wash.

The saving grace was that Sean and Lesley really do like each other, and later that night, they had a real date and a good talk together. Plus 15.

Group beach date equals Sean Lowe shirtless. Plus 30.

And Chris Harrison in a pink button-down. Minus 15.

The Bachelor host-pump split the women into teams of six and announced they would play a game of beach volleyball for the right to stay on the date.

Good idea in theory, but both teams were beyond terrible. Minus 15.

The winning team (term used loosely) consisted of Desiree, Robyn, Lindsay, Amanda, Jackie and Kacie. They won more alone time with Sean.

Sean Lowe, Bikini Babes

Desiree is weirded out by Amanda and the fact that she becomes more animated when Sean's around ... like every woman trying to impress a guy ever.

Still, the drama heats up, and Kacie Boguskie, Bachelor veteran, goes to tell Sean about it. Minus 50 for being that girl, Kacie B. We used to heart you.

Kacie's plan to turn Sean against both girls obviously backfires when he asks why she's telling him this if she's not even involved. [crickets] Plus 30.

Kacie says she felt she had to let him know. Sean Lowe lets her know that she needs to stop acting like a typical Bachelor crazy girl. Plus 10.

The big rose of the night ends up going to Lindsay, who has come a long way since meeting Sean while drunk in a wedding dress. Plus 10.

As we saw in the previews, Tierra falls down the stairs, then quickly recovers after she realized the paramedics were taking her to the hospital. Minus 50.

Not surprisingly, this came off looking like theatrics as much as a serious medical issue, but only Tierra knows how much she milked it.

Well, Tierra and Mike Fleiss. We're guessing A LOT. Plus 10.

On a one-on-one date, AshLee Frazier tells Sean about her adoption at age six and the abuse she suffered in foster homes. It's heartbreaking.

Sean shows his commitment to kids by bringing two teenage girls with debilitating illnesses along for their trip to an empty Six Flags. Plus 50.

The two have a serious talk - he is all for adopting older kids, as we saw in his courtship of Emily Maynard, in a sense - which Ash feels strongly about.

He was so touched by her story of meeting her dad for the first time that his eyes actually welled up with tears. Sean Lowe is quite a catch. Plus 50.

The cocktail party was its typical mad dash of drama, desperation and Bachelor cliches. Sometimes Sean can be a tad boring in this role. Minus 10.

Or is he? Sean pulls Kacie out of line before the rose ceremony to send her home! That's gotta hurt, but at least he didn't get her hopes up?

Kacie Boguskie Picture

The same can't be said for Kristy and Taryn, who had to stand there awkwardly while the rest of the roses were doled out and they didn't get any.

Other than that, no big shockers this week on ABC. Plus 10.

Eliminated from The Bachelor here in Season 17, Week 3:

  • Kristy Kaminski
  • Taryn Daniels
  • Kacie Boguskie


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