Prince Harry on Killing Taliban Insurgents: Take a Life to Save a Life

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Prince Harry's military tour of duty was no joke.

Upon returning from his five-month stint in Afghanistan, he was asked (yes) about his naked photo scandal, but also about killing Taliban insurgents.

Which he did.

Captain Wales Photo

The 28-year-old Apache helicopter pilot confirmed to the British media that he and his fellow soldiers killed Taliban fighters during his deployment.

"To take a life to save a life," the World's Top Bachelor said.

"That's what it revolves around, I suppose. If there's people who are trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game."

Scary, but candid.

Harry was stationed at Camp Bastion, a British base in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan. He flew scores of missions in support of ground troops.

We're glad Prince William's little brother is out of harm's way, and hope for an end to the violence and for the safety of all those serving and living there.