Jenelle Evans on Courtland Rogers Split: Just a Day Break!

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We hope you're sitting down, but Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are still happily married despite their ugly Twitter fight. She says it was "just a day break."

She Tweeted, "I live [with] my husband and we are married. I'm not believing any rumors. We are happy and everyone wants us together and [to] make this work."

Jenelle and Courtland

That inspiring message is a far cry from just a few days ago, when the Teen Mom 2 star became absolutely outraged with her husband of one month.

Rogers, who had previously expressed concern over her drug use, was talking on the phone one night to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Taylor.

"Dude, he told everyone that he wanted Taylor to never ever contact him again then he waits until I'm asleep to talk to her?" Jenelle Evans Tweeted.

Courtland Rogers responded to his wife's accusations on Twitter, writing, "So I just got broke up with because of talking to my lil girl on the phone last night."

But Evans didn't buy it. "First of all, why is your daughter up at 11 p.m. anyways when you were 'talking' to her on the phone?!" she asked. "Haha right."

The MTV star then said she was single, adding, "Why would I come back 'home' when you just threw my suitcase down the stairs and at your own sister?"

She abruptly peaced out of Twitter as well, but on January 1, she was back online and claiming she had reconciled with her husband over New Year's.

"For the record I never broke up with Jenelle," Rogers noted. "We took a day break with our families to enjoy time with them. I love her with all my heart."

While she's apparently made up with her man - and they've made it a whole month without filing for divorce - she took the time to go off on his ex.

"About this whole Taylor situation," she Tweeted. "Courtland has told Taylor to please leave us alone and she gets all mad and posts tweets. That's all!"

"I have NOT been staying at my moms either I've been living with him and been there everyday so no Court hasn't seen her at ALL, lmao."

"And I hate that fucking cunt dude... Idk why she says we 'get along' and 'I'm being played' becuz she wants the D. It's immature... Stop."

Finally, and most hilariously, the 21-year-old Carolina hurricane added, "I'm so sick of my business being posted all over twitter."

Sure you are Jenelle. Sure you are.

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