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In news that makes the pregnant Kim Kardashian‘s marriage to Kris Humphries look long and blissful, Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers have parted ways.

Just 26 days after they tied the knot. Those of you who had one month in our official pool were pretty much right on the money. Nicely done, THGers.

The first signs of trouble for the duo started brewing last week, when a late-night outing for Jenelle led to divorce talk and rumors that she was back on heroin.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

Rogers accused her ex, Kieffer Delp, of getting her hooked on it, then voiced concern that she was sneaking around doing drugs behind his back.

After a change of heart and a few deleted tweets, they were back on as if nothing happened … until last night when Courtland Rogers called it off. Why?


“So I just got broke up with because of talkin to my lil girl on the phone last night, finally getting to (hear) her tell me she loves dada! Wow,” he posted.

That lil girl is his daughter from a previous relationship.

Jenelle, however, felt Courtland was more interested in chatting with his baby mama – his ex, Taylor Lewis – and that was all it took for her to bail.

This time, the breakup may actually stick, too.

“Jenelle said she was gonna make up charges saying I beat her, and i never did, so let me say (expletive) jenelle for good,” Courtland Rogers added.

In a Tweet to Taylor Lewis … of course.

As for Jenelle Evans, she ignored that but cranked out several more messages before peacing out of Twitter and declaring herself done with social media.

We’re fairly certain she and Twitter will reunite before long. Her future relationships with heroin and/or Courtland Rogers are much less certain.