Farrah Abraham Waxing 3-Year-Old's Unibrow: Right or Wrong?

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Farrah Abraham is facing backlash for waxing her three-year-old daughter's unibrow. Seriously. Whether you approve or disapprove, one thing is clear:

These Teen Mom peeps need to put down their freaking phones.

Farrah Abraham and Daughter
Farrah Abraham and Daughter Photo

Maybe she just wanted to give Jenelle Evans a break from feeling the online heat? In any case, Farrah Abraham opened up about waxing Sophia's unibrow.

"So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm that my little, adorable, most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow," she writes.

"I felt bad for her so I told sophia of the little issue on her brow, and I showed her how I waxed mine off, so I tryed [sic] to wax her," Farrah Abraham continues.

How did it go? Do you even wanna know?

"The second a dab hit the Uni, she touch it with the towel she had in her hand. UHHH so now, wax was in the towel, and I yanked it back ASAP,"

"But fuzz was not stuck to the wax stuck to her Uni. OMG moment, So now sophia was freaking out, so I had to act like it was a cool science project to get the wax off."

It gets worse. Farrah tweezed it off while her daughter was sleeping.

"I got my tweezers and Pluck-pluck-pluck," she recalled.

"The next morning I showed her and told her how well she did and she didn't even know. She was more intrigued now to be ok with upkeeping her non-unibrow."

"I could tell she was proud. Ah I feel like a good mom :)"

Many of her fans/readers/followers may feel differently.

"Is this a joke? You attempted to wax your THREE YEAR OLD'S unibrow?! And then proceeded to tweeze it? Wow. Now that is parenting at its finest," wrote one.

"You are teaching a three year old that there is something wrong with her. You should be raising up your child's self esteem not beating it down," another said.

Between this and getting $16,000 worth of surgery on her face and a boob job in 2010, Farrah is certainly not one to shy away from personal maintenance.

Waxing a toddler though? You tell us:

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