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Kristin Cavallari says The Hills was fake. Knock us over with a feather.

Her beef with Lauren Conrad, however, was at least partially legit. Kristin discussed her old reality show days last night on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen asked her if her “distaste” for her former Hills and Laguna Beach cast-mate was scripted, to which she laughed loudly and shouted, “No!”

Kristin Cavallari and Austen Kroll Photo

Kristin Cavallari then clarified, “I do feel like [MTV producers] put things in our heads. I mean, we were 17 and 18. They made it a lot worse than it was.”


All in all, Cavallari admitted The Hills was pretty fake.” During her two seasons on the show, she said she had a series of “fake relationships” and “fake fights.”

“But it was fun,” she says, “because [when] you’re acting, it was more fun for me.”

Asked which cast member she regretted dating the most, Cavallari said “no one.”

“I would say Justin, but I never really dated him,” she adds. “I think I made out with him once and that took a lot of convincing. Finally I was like, ‘All right, I’ll just do it!'”

Asked to say three nice things about Lauren Conrad – which LC did on the same show about Kristin earlier this fall, Jay Cutler’s fiance responded:

“She is a very pretty girl – I know she said the same thing. She’s very successful. And we actually have had a lot of really fun nights together, so she can be a lot of fun.”

Let mostly fake bygones me bygones, as they say.