Frankie Muniz Stroke Reports Accurate: Actor Hospitalized, in Good Spirits

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Despite sounding like your textbook Twitter hoax, reports that Frankie Muniz suffered a stroke Friday were correct. The actor confirmed as much on Twitter.

"I was in the hospital on Friday. I suffered a 'Mini Stroke,' which was not fun at all," Muniz tweeted Tuesday. "Have to start taking care of my body! Getting old!"

Frankie Muniz Pic

The Malcolm in the Middle star, who turns 27 tomorrow, did not reveal any more details. He is, however, in good spirits, tweeting about his band Kingsfoil's upcoming shows.

"Next Sunday my band is playing a show close to where I grew up in Teaneck, NJ at Mexicali Live!," the actor says. "Hope to see my old friends and family!"

It's unclear what a mini-stroke entailed for Muniz, but it must've been scary ("not fun" feels like an understatement) and we hope it was just a freak, one-time thing.

Here's wishing Frankie a speedy and full recovery.