Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Post-Twilight Depression

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Robert Pattinson comes across as light and fun and relaxed at all times these days.

He joked about his penchant for open flies on Ellen this week. He doused Jimmy Fallon with water. He laughed off questions about Kristen Stewart on Today.

But it wasn't always that way.

Robert Pattinson Premiere Cover

"I went through a big time of depression between 23 and 25," Pattinson says in the latest issue of Premiere, speaking of his life not long after Twilight came out. "I couldn't go where I wanted to go."

What was Rob's main beef?

"I was in the tabloids every day and I didn't have access to the roles I really wanted," he says. "I wanted more, on every level."

And it didn't help that Pattinson's co-stars were branching out at the time: "I saw Kristen leave to film Snow White and the Huntsman, Taylor was also doing his thing on the side, and I was just going in circles, asking myself if I was going to take a break and go back to music."

So, what changed hit outlook?

"When David Cronenberg offered Cosmopolis to me, I never read anything as interesting for years," Rob says of his latest non-Twilight Saga role.

Of course, the actor will return to that franchise next wee: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens on November 16.


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