Robert Pattinson Gets Soaked on Jimmy Fallon, Would Love to Be a Puppet

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Robert Pattinson continues to follow in Kristen Stewart's promotional footsteps.

First, the actor sat in the same Today Show chair as his rumored girlfriend and avoided the same question from Savannah Guthrie about the status of Robsten.

Then, 24 hours after Stewart chugged some beers on Jimmy Fallon Live, Pattinson sat down across from this talk show host.

As you can tell, they had some fun together:

Soaking Jimmy Fallon

Among the topics discussed throughout the chat...

What are his career aspirations? "I would like to mime comedy and have somebody else do my voice… I would love to just be a puppet. I wish I could do that for every single job. I wish I could do that right now!"

When was the only time he "genuinely peed [his] pants?" Watching Corky Romano! "It's a genuine classic movie," Rob somehow said.

What was his reaction to a three-week old wearing a wig to portray very young Renesmee? "That was fun. Whenever you put a wig on a baby, it starts to cry."

How did the duo get all wet (above)? Through a game of cards, which promoted Pattinson to gush: "This is my favorite talk show in America."


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