Brandi Cochran Wins $7 MILLION in Punitive Damages from Price is Right

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For Brandi Cochran, the legal price this holiday season is most definitely right.

The Price is Right model first earned $777,000 in court this week, after winning a lawsuit she filed in 2010 because she alleged producers were mocking her pregnancy-based weight gain, referring to her as "wide load" and other cruel terms.

But that sum was nothing compared to the punitive damages that were awarded to Brandi yesterday.

producers made comments about her pregnancy, including calling her derogatory terms such as “wide load.”

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Once the jury heard further testimony and determined the comments directed at Cochran were malicious as well as negligent, they chose to punish Price is Right executives for these intentionally hurtful insults.

To the tune of $7 million.

Wow. It sure looks like Brandi Cochran, and anyone on her Christmas list, has something to be thankful for today.