Price is Right Model Wins Suit: "Wide Load" Brandi Cochran Awarded $777,000

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Former Price is Right model Brandi Cochran sued the show for allegedly firing her for getting pregnant in 2010. This week, a jury sided with her to the tune over $777,000.

The long-running game show maintained that many models have gotten pregnant while working on the show. Nonetheless, Cochran (left) won her lawsuit going away.

That sum may still grow, in fact.

The jury was swayed by Cochran's claim that producers made comments about her pregnancy, including calling her derogatory terms such as “wide load.”

If the jury determines that the comments of staff members were “malicious,” as opposed to merely negligent, she could be due an even bigger payday.

It's unclear what the timetable is for awarding additional damages in this case, but a representative of the production company says the case was flawed.

The court didn’t even get to hear some favorable information that would lean toward the production company’s side, they say, and their side will still come out.

How that could be the case after she's already been awarded over three quarters of a million dollars, we have no idea. But don't diss pregnant women, people.

To use one of our favorite Happy Gilmore quotes, the price is WRONG, b!tches! Well, if you're the show, anyway. Brandi's probably pretty happy right now.

UPDATE: Brandi Cochran has been awarded $7 million in punitive damages. How can we get on her Christmas list?