Erin Andrews Death Threats: Fox Sports Host Fires Back at Twitter Haters

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Erin Andrews and technology just don't go hand in hand.

Having already experienced the dark side of fame first-hand in frightening fashion, she's now receiving death threats on Twitter. And she's mad as heck about it.

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"Why Twitter needs policing," Andrews wrote this morning.

She then retweeted a message from @hyuncmartinez that read, "@ErinAndrews You make eye contact with me and I will chop you apart. You are just a bad thing."

No word yet on whether Erin Andrews has alerted police about the person harassing her on the social network, but this isn't the first such Tweet she's received.

"@ErinAndrews Do not make me mention about your family you psycho!!!" @hyuncmartinez wrote Monday. "@ErinAndrews So, now how will you face me tonight bitch?"

Also, "@ErinAndrews You do not tweet me anymore before I will kill you."

Fortunately, pathetic losers on Twitter are most likely just that - degenerates who hide behind computers and unlikely to pose any sort of tangible threat.

The Erin Andrews nude peephole hotel video was very real. No doubt that's made her more sensitive to the things people are capable of when it comes to celebrities.


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