Cassadee Pope on The Voice: An Unfair Advantage?

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Does Cassadee Pope have an unfair advantage on The Voice based on the fact that, well, she already fronts a band that used to tour with Fallout Boy?

Not according to the 22-year-old Hey Monday singer.

"I definitely think going on tour and performing a lot has really helped me, but the same could be said for everyone else who has ever played shows," she told reporters Wednesday.

"This just isn't something I've ever experienced before, especially in a competition setting, because a tour definitely isn't anything like that."

Cassadee Pope says her competitors agree.

"I got great feedback from the contestants and also from my teammates who tweeted and texted me."

"During my time with everyone before we started shooting the blind auditions, I was just as nervous as the next person who has never played on stage before with a band."

"I think playing shows and doing regular concerts is a whole different experience."

What do you think? Does her experience give Cassadee an unfair edge? Or is her talent level part of what sets The Voice apart from other shows in a good way?

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