Johnny Lewis, Former Sons of Anarchy Star, Found Dead at Strange Crime Scene

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Johnny Lewis, an actor best known for playing Half-Sack on Sons of Anarchy, was found dead yesterday at one of the odder crime scenes in recent memory.

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According to TMZ sources, here is what went down:

The body of Lewis AND the body of an unidentified 81-year old woman were both discovered at a residence in Los Feliz, with Lewis' corpse lying in the driveway and the female inside.

Law enforcement officials confirm the woman was the victim of a homicide, while neighbors report they heard her screaming not long before her death.

They also spotted Lewis outside the house, attacking two other people with a piece of wood and subsequently climbing on to the roof.

It remains unknown how Lewis died - did he jump off the roof? Fall off the roof? - but he is suspected of renting a room from the woman and also of murdering her.

Lewis had also appeared on episodes of The OC, Criminal Minds and Bones. He also dated Katy Perry in 2006.

UPDATE: The police tell TMZ that Lewis is believed to have been on meth or PCP. Witnesses say he showed "super-human strength" and was "phenomenally strong" in trying to fight off the two men outside this house.

Neighbors also say he used to reside there and then moved away. They also describe him as a "nice guy."

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