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The Real Housewives of New York City head across the pond in “I’m U.K., You’re U.K.” It has everyone feeling OK, but what about those who were left behind? We recap all of the fake accents and awkward corporate cheerleading in THG’s +/- recap!

Sonja, Luann, and Carole head off to London and you’d think after a red eye transatlantic flight everyone would be ready for a nap but not these girls.

Plus 10 because they’re here to shop and they’re not wasting a minute.

Plus 8 to Carole when she calls Luann Pumpkin Head. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Then she brushes it off by saying that she only calls her most gorgeous girlfriends by that moniker … Is Luann really buying that?

Ramona Singer Speaks with Sonja Morgan

Heather’s obviously looking to impress the ladies with the penthouse but there’s a price to pay: they have to attend Heather’s Yummie Tummie corporate dinner. Minus 12

hose Rah! Rah! company dinners can be so boring but it’a 10 times worse if you don’t work there. To make things even more awkward Heather makes everybody, including the ladies stand up and say what they love about Yummie Tummie. Ugh.

If things weren’t uncomfortable enough, Luann calls Carole out for not standing during her turn. Minus 9. The Countess might write books about etiquette but that was a definite dig at the Princess.

So far, I’m siding with Carole. If Luann continues to use that cheesy fake British accent we really need to make it a drinking game or I may not make it through this trip.

I can’t figure out why Sonja’s so impressed with Heather’s party.  Sonja’s suppose to be a party planner and I didn’t see anything special at this one.  She gushed over Heather’s great cocktails and stunning decor but the party is at a restaurant. Minus 8. All Heather did was pay the bill.

Plus 10 to the ladies for going out to do high tea.  This is London and tea is tradition but Heather and Sonja’s hats are hideous and to make it worse, Sonja’s was falling apart.  It’s London. The least she could do was buy a new hat. Minus 5.

The pajama party back at the penthouse was cute but what was Heather thinking with those glasses?  Mrs. Potato Head indeed.  Minus 7.  This may be petty but those things made her nose look huge. 

Back home Ramona acts like a six year old as she gapes at Aviva’s prosthetic leg.  Minus 11.  Aviva’s more than willing to answer questions about it but I don’t think Ramona could have called more attention to it if she tried.

Then Ramona heads off to speak at the Learning Annex and could she have made any more of a fuss.  First she complains about the lack of a picture, then she makes them change out the table that holds her water, and when it’s finally time to start she has to run to the ladies room.

Minus 9.  The entire event was just a bore from start to finish.

So it appears the ladies make their way back from the U.K. next week.  Will the princess and the countess have a royal ruckus before it’s over?  Will Ramona forgive best buddy Sonja for going without her?  We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.