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With rumors of Kris Jenner cheating with Todd Waterman running rampant, she decided to face the music on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Sunday.

The reality momager (how much do we hate ourselves for writing momager) finally met with her old flame for ratings/closure after 20 plus years.

“I think that this dinner has taught me a lot of things,” she said afterward.

What were those things, exactly, and how did Bruce Jenner react? We break it all down for you right here, right now in THG’s official +/- recap:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Finale Reunion Stage Photo

When Kris tells Bruce about her epiphany, he doesn’t exactly respond in kind. Plus 20 because he wouldn’t be a man if he accepted that explanation.

“I don’t even know how I can trust you,” he says. “I can’t believe you.”

Have no fear, though, because Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian have an idea … to hook mom up to a polygraph. Because that happens. Minus 40.

“We know that we’re playing with fire,” Kourtney says. “But if she really has nothing to hide, she shouldn’t be worried about answering them.” True. Plus 5.

Kris admits Kim Kardashian is her favorite. Money talks! Plus 10.

She also comes out clean as far as bilking her famous daughters and not being in love with Todd, so perhaps that will assuage fans/Bruce? Plus 10.

“I passed,” Kris says afterward. “Hopefully my family will realize I’ve been telling the truth all along.” They clearly all read the script, so yeah. Minus 30.

Elsewhere, the girls “decide” Lamar should go to the doctor. He’s a pro athlete. The folks at Ryan Seacrest Productions are running out of ideas. Minus 30.

“You walk outside, you probably get some of the best sandwiches in the world.” – Lamar, on a heavy dose of anesthesia. Plus 15.

“I might just start chipping my own tooth just so I can be in the chair again,” he says later. And you wonder how people get hooked on painkillers.

“It really bugs me that Kim makes comments like, ‘You’re balding. Your hair is thinning … it’s giving me a complex.” – Rob. Only gets worse, B. Minus 10.

Fortunately, brother-in-law Lamar tells Rob he needs to start rolling with it. Helps to have a large NBA player with a bald head as a role model! Plus 15.

Kris and Bruce go on vacation to “rekindle the passion.” Please tell us the cameras won’t show too much of their combined plastic surgery. Minus 20.

“They met in Malibu for the first time,” Kim says. “So, we want to do whatever we can to help them get some of that passion back that they used to have.”

“You know what the difference between now and then was?” Kris says in her most honest moment ever. “We used to put our relationship first.” Plus 5.

“How can we put you and me first?” Bruce asks. Answer: Bom-chick-a-bow-wow. Aww. Brings a tear to your eye if you believe any of this. Plus 10.