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Kate Gosselin’s missing the bygone era when she was a reality TV star traveling the world with her brood, according to a recent Twitter missive. So much so, she even watches old episodes of the old days … we can’t decide if that’s sweetly nostalgic or just sad.

The mother of eight Tweeted:

“Wow. We all agreed: we miss our show & the adventures and huge opportunities to help and entertain 🙂 others! Why am I watching and crying??!”

Kate Gosselin and One Daughter

“We are watching the St Jude’s episode… I am crying… Happy and sad tears… Old episodes of Jon & Kate +8 warms our hearts…” Kate later added.

Gosselin’s popularity, once in the celebrity gossip stratosphere, plummeted to the point that a cruise featuring her was axed due to lack of interest.

Kate now blogs for the random online site Coupon Cabin dot com.

On the plus side, she’s made peace with her ex, and Jon Gosselin even sent her a long-overdue apology for the way he’s behaved over the years.

When it comes to burying the hatchet, better late than never!