Breaking Dawn Part 2 Photo & Posters: Cullens and Supporters Unite!

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A new promotional photo from Breaking Dawn Part II shows the various covens that unite to defend Edward, Bella, Renesmee and the rest of the Cullens.

To protect them against the vengeful Volturi, of course.

Pictured are the American Nomad, the Amazon coven, the Egyptian coven, the Denali coven, Carlisle Cullen and family, the Irish coven and many others.

The epic vampire battle begins November 16 ...

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pic

In addition to this pic and seven minutes of new footage shown at Comic-Con, Summit also released a dozen new posters for the Twilight Saga's final chapter.

Noticeably absent are the big three - Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan and Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black - but we can only assume a mega-reveal of posters for that trio is still to come in the near future.

Click to enlarge the new character posters below ...

Carlisle Cullen Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster
Alice Cullen Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster
Emmett Cullen Breaking Dawn Poster
BD Part II Character
BD Part 2 Poster
BD Part 2 Character
BD Part II Poster
Alice Cullen Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster
Maggie Grace Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster
Esmee Cullen Poster
Jackson Rathbone Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster
Nikki Reed Breaking Dawn Poster
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