Local News Anchor Reports That Celtics-Heat Playoff Game Ended in Tie

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We've posted plenty of local news blunders on THG, but this woman saying that Game 4 of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals ended in a tie is up there.

On Sunday night's news broadcast of Portland, Maine, ABC affiliate WMTW - a New England station no less! - News 8's Meghan Torjussen failed hard.

"The Boston Celtics, hosting the Miami Heat in Boston for Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals," Torjussen said. "I guess the game just ended."

"It ended in a tie. This is what my producer is telling me right now."

At that point, a graphic reading "Miami 89, Boston 89" appeared on the screen ... which was the score at the time, but the game was, of course, not over.

"There you go," Torjussen said. "There's the score, 89-89. Down to the wire, 21 seconds left, ended in a tie. ... All right, moving on to professional baseball."

Hopefully she's not moving on to a new career later this week.

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