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Looks like Patricia Krentcil and Snooki are in a war of words. It was inevitable.

Krentcil, a.k.a. “Tanning Mom,” is firing back at the Jersey Shore star after Snooks went on Extra this week and weighed in on Patricia’s recent arrest.

Police arrested the New Jersey Tanning Mom for taking her five-year-old daughter tanning. Asked for comment, Snook noted, “that b!tch is crazy.”

Word. When Krentcil got wind of this, she labeled Snooki “the biggest a$$hole in the world” for criticizing her life decisions … and didn’t stop there.

Tori Spelling with Snooki

Police have their hands full with all the Oompa Loompas in N.J. lately.

Tanning Mom apparently doesn’t like Jersey Shore, because she says, “When this is all said and done, I’d like to meet up with ‘Snoopy’.”

Yup, Snoopy. Charlie Brown is rolling in his grave right now.

“She’s fake, she’s fat, her t*ts are fake, she’s disgusting,” Krentcil, who pleaded not guilty to child endangerment, said of the pregnant reality star.

It’s a tough feud to pick the winner in, but even Snooki would probably know better than to let her kid into a tanning booth. Just saying.