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“Tanning Mom” slash human raisin Patricia Krentcil has pleaded not guilty to felony child endangerment charges and claims the story of putting her little girl in a tanning booth is being victimized in what is all a giant misunderstanding.

She also says her critics “jealous, fat, and ugly.” Speaking of the latter …

The 44-year-old New Jersey (where else) resident was on her way to a salon (hair) when she unloaded on a photographer and proclaimed she is a “fabulous” mother.

Needless to say, she is far from apologetic. About anything.

Krentcil was arrested after a school nurse asked her five-year-old daughter Anna how she got a sunburn and she replied, “I go tanning with mommy.”

She faces a felony count of second-degree child endangerment.

Watch a news report about her below if you haven’t seen it:

Patricia Krentcil Tanning Arrest