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Will the cast of TLC’s Sister Wives make it an even five?

The crew was asked that and much more by Anderson Cooper this week. Kody Brown, the patriarch of the polygamist family, wasn’t exactly dismissive of the idea of adding a fifth wife, though he didn’t seem eager either.

“Certainly not right now,” said Kody.

“That doesn’t sound like a ‘no’ to me,” interjected Anderson, before Brown elaborated as to how his religious beliefs leave the door open.

Sister Wives on Anderson Clip

“You guys have to understand that I answer to essentially a higher call. I’m part of an order, a church,” said Kody, claiming it’s out of his hands.

“So there is a situation where I feel I am maxed out anddon’t want to take another wife. I am not interested in that, but there is a requirement.”

“I answer to a higher calling, and if that requirement comes along and I have a choice in it, then I will do it. But I would prefer not to.”

The spouses – first wife Meri, second wife Janelle, third wife Christine and fourth wife Robyn – say they feel each of their collective 17 kids are their own.

Wondered Anderson: “Do you all feel like the mother of the child? How does this work?” Replied Meri: “We feel like one of the moms, definitely.”

Added Christine: “When he (the youngest, Solomon) cries, we all turn and try to make him happy except when it’s time to eat.”

The CNN anchor subsequently quizzed them on what it’s like having to move out of Utah, where Kody and company feared prosecution for their polygamist lifestyle, and moving to Las Vegas. Simply put, “It’s great.”

Sister Wives on Anderson Clip

“It’s easy,” said Kody. “People apparently are tolerant, and it’s been a very good experience for us. We’ve got businesses that are going very well.”

As for whether the brood gets teased at school about plural marriage, he acknowledged “there’s a little”, but, at the age of 13, it’s “very regular.”

When Anderson asked if the kids might follow their parents’ example and embrace their unusual lifestyle, Kody acknowledged it’s their choice alone.

“Yeah, but they change their minds. Some kids have already [said] they will, some are saying they won’t,” he explained. “Let’s go through college.”

“That frontal lobe, that’s the part of the brain that lets you reason with reason, let’s get that developed and then let them make those decisions.”

Sister Wives