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… is heavily edited and broadcast on TLC.

After a trip to Boston last week, the Sister Wives stayed close to home and hit the streets of Las Vegas on last night’s special episode. Girls AND guys night out, baby!

We saw Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn hit Sin City for some female bonding, while separately, Kody went out on the town with three of his friends to kick back.

What adventures awaited the Browns?

Before we get to the Strip, the Browns have zeroed in on their business venture. A fitness center, apparently. They want to open a gym, and are scouting locations for it.

What they know about fitness, we can’t really say. Have you seen some of these people? Not hating, just saying. In any case, the whole crew is feeling wicked stressed.

The addition of Robyn will do that … you know how it is when the family adds a wife, it throws off the whole dynamic. So what better way to de-stress than in Vegas?!

As the women decide to have a girls night out, Kody Brown stays home to help the kids with their homework, lamenting that he doesn’t get to roll solo out on the town.

Ask and ye shall receive, Kode Man.

In the second episode of last night’s double feature, Kody, Robyn (who just had the baby, but is due in about a month at this point) and Co. went out for some shopping.

“I want all of the family to feel like this is their space to come in and spend time with Solomon, because Solomon is everyone’s baby,” says Kody, ever un-rehearsed.

Robyn says she thought she was “done” having kids after her first marriage failed, but now she’s not sure Solomon will be her last child with Kody. Obvi. It’s Kody.

Since the wives got their night out – one that if he didn’t “know their character,” Kody would have been quite worried about – the man decided to go out with his friends.

Jeff, Shaun and the wives’ trainer Bill formed Kody’s very own polygamist Wolf Pack. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little far, but they did have an eventful evening out.

Kevin, Shaun’s brother, is an MMA fighter and the boys saw him in action. Kody himself was a former state champion wrestler in his heyday, so he’s intrigued by this.

Kody even steps in the ring for some lessons with Kevin and worked on some takedown techniques. Four wives, 17 kids … man’s gotta let that aggression somehow.

Later on it was time for dinner out, albeit with “no wild life and getting smashed” for this teetotaling Kody. What the night lacked in booze it made up for in questions.

The Pack obviously had a lot, ranging from Robyn’s divorce to whether or not he prefers any of the wives over the rest. These are #polygamyproblems to the max.

Just don’t ask him about sex, okay? The man may get it on with four women on a routine basis, but this is a sacred bond of plural marriage … he’s not some player.

Well, what did you think of this week’s episodes of the TLC reality hit? What do you think of Mr. Kody Brown and his four beloved Sister Wives in general?