Jon Hamm Offers Dating Advice: Everybody Farts!

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On Mad Men, Jon Hamm - as Don Draper, of course - gives advice to companies on how best to pitch their product. He's a master salesman.

But, in real life, can the Emmy Award nominee make the same impression on teenage girls in search of answers regarding love, sex, fashion and farting? He attempts to do so in "Ask a Grown Man," a Web Series sponsored by Rookie magazine.

"The world is your oyster," Hamm tells one young lady, unsure what to do about a male flip-flopper. "You'll be just fine. Don't define yourself with who wants to get with you. I'm sure you're a lovely person."

Watch the hilarious video now for more dating gems:

Seriously. First, he rips Kim Kardashian. Now he passes along words of wisdom to the loveless and confused. Can Jon Hamm get any cooler?!?