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Terry Richardson needs free drinks for life.

Who knows how the renowned “fashion” photographer became the go-to guy for getting models and actresses to disrobe in front of him for “artsy” spreads, but the man does profoundly exquisite work. His latest effort: These Kate Upton pics.

What more needs to be said, really?

Kate Upton and Husband
Photo via Getty Images

This photo shoot also produced a video of her doing the “Cat Daddy” dance in the bikini shown above, a 60-second clip that’s as perfect as it is nonsensical.

Some people, for reasons unknown, continue to hate on Kate because of her “fuller” figure and provocative ad campaigns, but we really don’t see the issue.

If anything, it’s nice to see a non-anorexic “every girl” model, and just because the SI stunner uses her sex appeal for a living doesn’t make her a “slut.”

Rant over. Now enjoy Terry’s photos of the cutie below: