Georgia Davis, Britain's Fattest Teenager, Hospitalized After Being Removed Home By Crane

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Georgia Davis, a 19-year-old sadly but accurately dubbed Britain’s Fattest Teenager, had to be rushed from her home to the hospital last week.

Rushed in a relative sense.

When the 840-pound Davis collapsed with breathing problems and chest pains in the bedroom of her home in South Wales, authorities underwent an amazing eight-hour operation to evacuate her out of the house and to a hospital.

A 40-man rescue team demolished the top half of her mom’s house with sledgehammers and a circular saw to make a 10-foot by 10-foot hole.

They also tore down an internal dividing wall so Georgia Davis could be removed from her back bedroom which had become her own prison.

Georgia was then airlifted out by crane on a special stretcher and transported via ambulance that had to be reinforced to take her weight.

She had been “effectively immobile for six months” after her weight rocketed this year, pushing her to the brink with major health problems.

She had weighed in at 460 pounds when she was just 15. Doctors told the Type 2 diabetic to lose at least 280 pounds or she would die.

Davis lost 200 pounds through diet and exercise, but ultimately relapsed and ballooned to 840 pounds, thanks to a 13,000 calorie-a-day diet.