Fifty Shades of Grey No Longer Banned By Florida Libraries

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By popular demand, and after garnering much criticism, a Florida county is putting the racy romance trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey back on library shelves.

Before reversing its decision, the Brevard County Library System was perhaps the most prominent of the many bans of the book occurring nationwide.

The county pulled 19 copies of the best-sellers from its bookshelves earlier this month, calling the popular novels by EL James "semi-pornographic."

50 Shades Cover
50 Shades EW Cover

Monday, the county announced that Fifty Shades of Grey would be available immediately through the library in response to requests from residents.

Library Services Director Cathy Schweinsberg said that the library was against censorship and was reviewing its selection criteria after negative feedback.

Public libraries in several states have banned the book, saying it's too steamy or poorly written. It's definitely the latter, though you can't ban it for that.

Bottom line: Sometimes you gotta lighten up and give the people what they want ... mind-numbingly cheesy, Twilight fan fiction-inspired softcore erotica.

As soon as Universal won the movie rights to the best-selling "mommy porn" trilogy, fans have partaken in an intense, ongoing fantasy casting game.

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