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Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon scored a resounding legal victory over her ex-husband Tareq when a judge threw out his ridiculous claim Wednesday.

A Virginia judge dismissed Tareq’s $50 million lawsuit that thee former Real Housewives star and her Journey guitarist lover defamed him somehow.

Short story: They screwed him over (and each other a lot) big time, but that’s not illegal. The judge called the case”not legally sufficient” to proceed.

The lawsuit claimed Schon sent pictures of his junk to Tareq, and that the Journey guitarist also called him and said boastfully, “I’m f–king your wife!”

How he thought that entitled him to $50 million, who the heck knows. He also said his divorce from Michaele ruined their “brand” (LOL), of course.

Tareq had asserted that TV shows pulled offers from the former White House party crashers after his wife ran off with Schon last fall, which is likely BS.

Even in this culture, who wants to watch a reality show about the Salahis? They were already on a Real Housewives iteration that was cancelled!

For whatever reason, Tareq sought damages for emotional distress, conspiracy to defame, interference with a contract, unjust enrichment and so on.

The judge rejected all of those claims. Case closed.