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Yes, Tammy Lynn Michaels is demanding more money from ex Melissa Etheridge. She does not believe that $23,000 per month is sufficient spousal/child support.

But Michaels says in a new interview this is not because she’s greedy. It’s because the singer allegedly makes $178,000 per month and it’s a question of math, fairness and gay rights.

“It’s the law,” Michaels tells After Ellen. “When we were together, there were a lot of things said and shared between us. And a lot of things were promised. I’m standing here saying: “You wanted to fight for gay rights; you wanted everything to be fair. You wanted to stand up for all of us? Because now I’m an ‘us,’ the gays that wanted to have gay rights and equality and not look like dip s–ts.”

Melissa Etheridge in NYC
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It is true that, under California law, a wife would be entitled to 50% of her ex-husband’s income upon divorce.

Does Tammy Lee see a reconciliation for her and Etheridge? She says the former couple actually does get along well at times already, typically when their children are involved.

“Melissa and I have a great face-to-face, direct relationship when it comes to the kids. We both want what we think is best.”