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A bear can be seen falling from a tree in a truly memorable image after being tranquilized by police in Boulder, Co., this week. Fortunately, he’s doing fine.

The young bear, estimated to weigh between 150-200 pounds, had somehow wandered onto the University of Colorado campus and climbed into a tree.

While it’s never funny that an animal has to be tranquilized, all ended well. He landed safely on a mattress and was released into the wild when he woke up:

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“[The bear] was tranquilized by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department and it fell onto some mats that the Rec Center provided,” CU Police said.

“It was placed in a cage, relocated at a higher elevation and released.”

Before it was tranquilized and immortalized in this photo, the bear spent about two hours in a tree near the campus dorms, terrifying students.

On Tuesday, another family of black bears made the news, literally, after wandering onto the set and interrupting a news report in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The University of Colorado was also in the news for another viral story this week, after this tipsy member of the student body hilariously posed with President Obama.