Lou Ferrigno Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Donald Trump may need to add "therapist" to his resume underneath "blowhard," "fake presidential candidate" and "real estate mogul" after this Celebrity Apprentice.

Aubrey O'Day had just gone MIA after clashing with Arsenio Hall, Lisa Lampanelli had a massive meltdown (again) and a whole lot of additional drama played out.

In the end, Lou Ferrigno got the chop. Why?

Lou Ferrigno on Celebrity Apprentice

Arsenio and Lisa yelled about Aubrey and her ego. Then when Lou Ferrigno and Dayana Mendoza walked in the victory room, Lisa insulted them to their faces.

Things didn't improve much during the task, which required the teams to write, produce and direct a 60-second commercial for Entertainment (dot) com.

Dayana Mendoza instantly jumped to claim the role of project manager for Team Unanimous, while Teresa Guidice boldly took the #1 spot for Team Forte.

Team Forte went for a more risque storyline, while Team Unanimous played it safe, and got beat, leaving Lou Ferrigno to play Penn's usual role of scapegoat.

Miss Universe brought Lou and Lisa with her to the chopping block, where the Donald opined that Lou didn't give his all AND threw his team under the bus.

Strike two and three right there. Adios, Lou!