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One week after we saw Lamar Odom traded to Dallas, Bruce and Kris Jenner decided to pay a visit to bid farewell to Khloe Kardashian on Khloe & Lamar.

While Bruce supports Khloe’s decision to move to Big D, it’s more than Kris can take … at least according to the script from Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Fans of the couple (assuming there are some) have been looking forward to watching this play out since news of the trade broke, so let’s recap it all …

Lamar Odom and Joe Odom Laugh On 'Khloe & Lamar'

“We all know you’re a strong girl, and you have to be there for everybody else. But who’s going to be there for Khloe?” – Kris. Um, the whole giant family? Also, he’s just an NBA superstar who got traded, not a fallen soldier. Minus 10.

“My family and I have never really lived apart, but Lamar needs me.” – Khloe. Plus 50.

That he does. When she arrives, she senses something amiss with his transient lifestyle in Dallas. “Lamar is so sore and tired and he needs his own bed. I have got to find us a place ASAP,” she says. Attentive wife. Plus 20.

Lamar’s feeling the heat: “Being on a new team for the first time, everything is mental and all eyes are on me. The pressure is on.” Minus only 5, because while the man gets paid millions to perform under pressure, we do sympathize.

Walking by a local bar sponsoring a Kardashian look-alike contest and meeting fans who show their appreciation, Khloe feels the love. Minus 45 for people caring about the Kardashians that much, but Plus 20 for being loyal fans.

“It’s the first game of the season and I feel anxiety to perform at a high level and do my job well,” Lamar says on opening day. He does not do so. Minus 15.

Undeterred, Khloe sets romantic post-game scene at their new home. “I’m hoping a little romance, candles, maybe that can make him smile.” Aww. Plus 10.

When that doesn’t work, she calls home. “I feel like I’m trying and it’s not going the way that I thought it would,” she says. Stop calling mom. Minus 15.

Fortunately, Lamar comes back in to comfort her. “You make me happy,” he tells Khloe, apologizing for taking things out on her. Good man. Plus 30.