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High drama on Khloe & Lamar this week, and for once, it wasn’t even all contrived.

Yes, the Dallas Mavericks’ trade for Lamar Odom might not go down as a brilliant move from a personnel standpoint, but it will always have this footnote:

It produced a genuine, unscripted reaction from a Kardashian. Well done, Dallas.

Fans of the couple (assuming there are some) have been looking forward to this episode since news of Lamar’s trade broke. So let’s recap it all …

Lamar Odom and Joe Odom Laugh On 'Khloe & Lamar'

The NBA lockout is over! Bring on the massive paychecks! Plus 20!

Oh, and you might be traded, Lamar’s agent says. Ouch. Minus 30.

“That stuff is more stressful than not playing basketball,” Lamar says. “It’s part of our business, but hopefully I can stay in L.A.” Except that some reports suggested he had actually asked for the trade or was at least consulted all along. Minus 25.

“Our world can turn upside down,” Khloé says of Lamar being dealt, which happens while she’s on the plane to New York for “work.” He gets traded to the New Orleans Hornets, a trade which is nullified, confusing everyone. Plus 15.

He’s still getting traded like ASAP. Minus 10.

“He’s passionate, emotional, wears his heart of his sleeve, hearing him in the radio and how heartbroken he sounds, it’s now sinking in that Lamar’s not going to be a Laker anymore. It’s sad,” Khloe says. She loves her man. Plus 20.

“I don’t want to be on a team that doesn’t want me,” Lamar tells Khloe over the phone, possibly explaining the rumors of his “demanding” the trade he allegedly didn’t want happening in the first place. You know pro athletes. Plus 10.

Lamar informs her he’s been traded to Dallas, and Khloé takes the news of the trade well, having had time to come to grips with it. Aww, these two. Plus 20.

She’ll stay in L.A. to supervise a team of E! interns as they start packing up their stuff while he heads to Dallas to start training with the Mavs. Life … Plus 5.

Malika breaks down, saying, “It’s going to be different.” Yes it is. Your Z-list reality career will totally lose its luster outside the bright lights of L.A. Minus 10.

Khloe admits, in a rare moment of sincerity, that she’s scared too. “Lamar is my number one priority so I gotta stay strong and fake it ’til we make it.” Plus 40.