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Guns & Video Games?

Singing sensation Lana Del Rey, 25, has sparked speculation about her love life again after leaving Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont hotel with Axl Rose, 50.

The singer has sent celebrity gossip publications into a frenzy, or at least a state of confusion, after leaving the hotel and driving off in an SUV with Rose:

Lana Del Rey Looks Haunting
Photo via Getty Images for Neuro

The sighting came just two weeks after Del Rey was romantically linked to Marilyn Manson after they were seen together in a hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Yeah, apparently that happened. She has a type, for better or for worse.

Del Rey is believed to be a big time fan of Guns N’ Roses, Axl’s band.

The singer perhaps best known for her SNL “Video Games” performance attended two of their concerts last month and even recorded a track called “Axl Rose Husband” before attaining fame. So it’s like life imitating art or something.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]