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Gordon Ramsay may be giving us some bedroom nightmares in the near future.

According to Sarah Symonds – the mistress who reportedly had an affair with the celebrity chef and even wrote a book about the fling – the Metropolitan Police recently contacted her following their investigation into the News Of The World phone hacking scandal of 2011.

For what possible reason?!?

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“They found sensitive information on Gordon and me, including tapes and transcripts of our personal meetings towards the end of our affair in 2008, and intimate phone conversations and voice mails,” Symonds tells Star magazine, adding of her supposedly biggest nightmare:

“I know from a source that there is a sex tape, too, I wonder if the police have found it though, and if so what happens to it? I am desperately trying to find out.”

Hopefully the cops discovered the video and have burned it. A Gordan Ramsay sex tape?!? That’s a dish best served… never.