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Camille Grammer appeared opposite Katie Couric on Good Morning America yesterday and was asked about her departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… but spent most of her time going off once again on ex-husband Kelsey Grammer.

“The first season was horrible because they were filming during the worst year of my whole life. My whole life was falling apart,” Camille says in the following video.

“My husband left me. He was having an affair with another woman in New York City while I was filming a reality show. It doesn’t get worse than that.”

Adds Grammer later on: “Thank you, Kelsey, for the gift of humiliation.”

Camille Grammer on Good Morning America

In February, Camille and Kelsey finally settled a public, ugly custody dispute. But the scars clearly remain.

What does the future hold for Grammer? Another reality show, perhaps?

“All things are possible,” she says.