Woman Sues Apple After Plowing Into Glass Door at Store

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Evelyn Paswall, 83, is suing Apple after walking smack into the glass doors at its store in Manhassett, Long Island. She is asking for $75,000 in medical expenses (she suffered a broken nose), plus punitive damages for negligence totaling $1 million.

All because Apple keeps its windows that freaking clean.

Apple Glass Door

Paswall claims she didn’t realize she was walking into a wall of glass as she approached the store, which is believable, we suppose. But she broke her nose as a result of the collision? How fast can 83-year-old move?

Her lawsuit claims that “the defendant was negligent ... in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

Not to back up a corporate giant over a poor old lady with a broken nose here, but really? Is this the first glass door she's encountered? Apple is known for innovation, but we're pretty sure that came out well before Steve Jobs' time.

The Manhassett Apple Store has floor-to-ceiling glass walls at the front and rear, but still. If that's incomprehensible to you, how do you even know what the Apple store is?

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