Michael Lohan to Lindsay: God is the Real Judge!

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Lindsay Lohan might have a judge convinced she's got her life back on track, but her loser father says she's got to work on things with the man upstairs.

Michael Lohan, who just completed a court-ordered rehab stint himself, told Radar Online that he sees his daughter with bigger problems than probation.

"People can make things right with a judge but that doesn't mean they've made it right with God," MiLo hilariously said about his 25-year-old daughter.

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"Judges don't always pass the right judgment themselves,” says Michael Lohan, who has been put in jail by more than a few judges over the years.

“God is the ultimate judge, and he judges us based upon what he sees and knows - not man!" adds MiLo. "I think we all know that all too well."

"For those who don't, well, I feel sorry for them."

Profound words from a man who lives his life for the Lord and demonstrates his faith with his selfless actions every single day ... or something.

His sermon to the celebrity news site goes on:

"I've been there myself and Lindsay is there now. We all sit in God's cross hairs, while standing at each crossroad of our life. We have a choice to make."

"God will be - and is - the ultimate judge," he said.

"I'm not worried about Lindsay drinking or doing drugs. I'm still concerned about her because of any prescription medication doctors might have her on."

"She never needed them before, especially when she was at her best, so why does she need them now?" he asked. "It appears that she is on the right path, and if she gets on the right path with God, he will hold the final gavel for her.”

No word on whether Lindsay, who's on self-imposed lockdown until her probation ends, plans to transform her entire life based on these profound musings.

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