Terrence Howard Ordered to Pay Estranged Wife $50K

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Terrence Howard has been ordered to shell out $50,000 for his soon-to-be ex-wife's expenses in the midst of their ongoing, increasingly ugly legal dispute.

Howard's camp had claimed that the Red Tails star is low on cash and Michelle Ghent Howard's allegations of mistreatment were harming his reputation.

Apparently the judge did not concur.

Terrence Howard and Michelle Howard

According to Michelle Howard's attorney, Karen Donahoe, he maintains a $76,000 / month lifestyle after making $2.6 million as an actor in the past year.

Terrence's attorney, Christian Markey, countered: "He hasn't had a paycheck. No job offers. And he only has $20,000 in cash. She's got more money."

The once-happy couple quietly tied the knot in January 2010, but Ghent filed for divorce a year later ... and said Howard beat and threatened to kill her.

She obtained a restraining order. Howard claims she's a racist, jealous monster who claimed that she "never wanted to marry a n----r in the first place."

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for April 23.

Until then, Howard owes $1,800 a month for her Range Rover, $20,000 for her attorney fees, $20,000 for accountant fees and $10,000 in spousal support.

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