Smart Thief Tries, Fails to Gank Flat Screen TV

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A thief was recently busted trying to steal a flat screen LG TV in this hilarious video, which has the feel of a viral marketing campaign by LG itself. It's unclear.

Either way, it's hilarious. Utilizing the thinness of the product to his advantage, and with surprisingly well-planned execution regarding the security camera angles, the random schmoe made it all the way out the door before being busted.

His undoing? Walking very, very slowly and carrying a GIANT ASS TV.

Has to be fake, right? The way he stares right at the camera throughout, and with LG and "world's slimmest television" emblazoned clearly on the window?

What do you think? If this is alternate form of advertising, it worked and them some. If it's a real heist gone awry, bravo to the perp on such a ballsy, stupid idea.