Source Defends Gabriel Aubry: The Nanny Tripped!

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Gabriel Aubry stands accused of not merely shoving the nanny of his three-year old daughter, Nahla, but of doing it while the woman was holding the toddler in her arms.

But an insider tells Radar Online this allegation is clearly false because, come on, it just isn't logical.

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"Why in the world would Gabriel push the nanny causing her to fall while she was holding his daughter?” a source says. “Gabriel is fiercely protective of Nahla. The nanny tripped, and she fell while holding Nahla. Yes, Gabriel and the nanny were arguing, he felt like his parenting skills were under attack again. Gabriel can't believe how out of control this situation has become."

It all started on Wednesday, January 18, when Alliance Kamdem alleges she asked Aubry why Nahla was not in school. He reacted in anger and that's when the pushing/tripping incident took place.

Kamdem has since resigned her post, had her request for a restraining order against the model denied and a judge will decide on Monday whether or not Aubry can see Nahla while this investigation is ongoing.

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Gabriel Aubry was the longtime boyfriend of Halle Berry. He's still the father of her daughter, Nahla, of course, who was born at 10:17... More »
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