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Toddlers and Tiaras aired another episode last night. Unfortunately.

The latest installment is sure to ruffle the feathers of child advocates (and all sane people really) thanks to Natalie’s mom. Wow, is that woman a piece of work.

The setting is Lansing, Michigan, a quiet, hard-working city in the Upper Midwest, perhaps best known for THE Michigan State University in its eastern suburb.

Natalie’s mom apparently wants to change that by making her little girl a star. She admits that basically, pageants are like crack. You get hooked. Hard.

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Kelly actually seemed like a fairly normal, albeit overconfident, parent at the start. Until she wasn’t. Some people take drugs, she enters Nat in pageants.

Makes total sense. Until like every addict, they can’t get their fix and absolutely flip out. Honestly, where does TLC find these nut jobs week after week?

Last night’s episode also featured Cadence and her sassy pageant grandma, and a two-year-old named Samara whose mother is tattooed rocker chick.

Call this show what you want, if the ratings went south, the show would be gone (ask Kate Gosselin). So the network is giving fans what they want, right?

You tell us: Should TLC yank Toddlers & Tiaras off the air?