Snooki Loses Weight: Does it Matter?

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Snooki of Jersey Shore fame has lost some weight.

She's also been practicing a new, profoundly lame pose for the cameras during her recent book tour. Speaking of profoundly lame, if you actually pay money in exchange for a book authored by Snooki, you may fall under that category.

Girl is looking a little thinner these days, though. Maybe she's consuming fewer than 90 drinks per week given that she's not currently filming Jersey Shore ...

Thin Snooki
Snooki Lame Pose

You gotta hand it to the 4'9" guidette. If you discount the promiscuity, personality, absurd "fashion" choices and high probability of health problems, she might almost pass for attractive these days. Or would she? You tell us:

Sure, she looks thinner, but would you smush it?

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