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Herman Cain’s support for president has withstood a lot, but will new sexual harassment accuser Sharon Bialek derail the Republican’s White House ambitions?

After almost a week of reports about his alleged sexual harassment while head of the National Restaurant Association, Cain remained at the top of a new poll.

That poll was taken before Sharon Bialek’s Monday press conference, though.

By adding a name and a face to publicly accuse Cain of some explicit things, with alleged details, the sexual harassment issue has become even more salacious.

The previous accusers have not accused Cain on the record, but took settlements in the 1990s that Politico says stemmed from Cain’s inappropriate actions.

Bialek opened up about Cain’s alleged crotch-grabbing advances, however, leading some to wonder if Cain’s time at the top of GOP public opinion polls is over.

Attorney Gloria Allred held her press conference, and the known Democrat’s penchant for political and high-profile scandals could actually rally Cain’s support.

Tea Party darling Cain can also preach to the proverbial choir when he calls this a smear campaign by the liberal media, so he may survive the scandal yet.

What do you think? How will the allegations impact Cain’s campaign?