Courtney Stodden: On Team Dilmer!

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Courtney Stodden knows something about dating an older man and about flaunting one's love in public.

Therefore, a couple weeks after rumors first surfaced that Demi Lovato was hooking up again with Wilmer Valderrama, an actor 12 years her senior, Stodden has come out and expressed her support for Team Dilmer.

Demi Lovato in Canada
Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden Wedding Pic

"I find it beautiful for any couple who finds love, regardless of the age differences," Courtney told E! News.

But what about the flip side? Why does Stodden, 17, receive flak for marrying a 51-year old, but Demi Moore is practically idolized for snagging herself a much younger husband?

"Because women feel they've leveled the playing field with this cougar epidemic," Stodden said. "They feel more empowered with this type of situation, rather than when the older man is dating a younger hot woman. For many years, the older men have gone for the young, hot women, and now it's turned around and people are more accepting of it."

Oh, and by the way: Following this public test, Courtney's breasts have apparently been proven real. That's really the important takeaway here.

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