Dirty Soap Recap: More Monster-in-Law Drama

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This week on Dirty Soap, tension lingered between John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath, while Nadia Bjorlin and Brandon Beemer finally confronted her mother.

Kelly Monaco? She made a General Hospital fan's life.

Kirsten Storms? She's still MIA. Get well girl.

We begin with Farah and JP. She is basically doing the overbearing thing, in his mind, trying to get him to change up his wardrobe and the like (although let's be honest, he could use a little help), and he's being pushed to the edge.

John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath

When you tell the camera your girl "sucks the life force out of you," that's generally not a good sign for a relationship. Clearly she has a strong and difficult personality.

Brandon suggests he pick his battles, but he's got a different situation on his hands where he might want to try that. Of course, it's hard to tell off your girl's mother.

Luckily, Farah gets the hint and promises she'll try to back off JP a bit.

Nadia's mom Fary, however? That resolution is less likely to happen.

Brandon’s parents are coming for a visit, and Fary doesn't respect them ... he’s garbage and came from garbage. Brutal stuff right there, but she's a brutal individual.

Fary bails with some lame excuse, driving home the fact that she doesn't like the Beemers. They decide it's time to have a talk with Fary, but it doesn't go too well.

She accuses BB of being low class and possibly dealing drugs. Really.

Nadia, to her credit, stands up for her man in the face of this crap, even as things blow up to the point where her mom storms out and she's in tears. What a fiasco.

Just when you thought YOUR mother-in-law sucked, right guys! Yeesh!

Kelly Monaco feels bad about not being there for her BFF Lauren, who was battling cancer. She promises to make it up to her, or at least to set things right somehow.

The friends make up, and Kelly takes a leukemia patient to the General Hospital set, where she informs her that - OMG - she will be part of the show for the day.

Mikayla gets the VIP treatment, from hair and makeup and photos with Kelly. Mikayla then gets a script for the day, which involves a quick scene with Jason Cook.

For Kelly, this was a proud mama moment, and deservedly so.

What did you think of this week's Dirty Soap episode? What kind of crazy drama will unfold on the season finale next week? Comment below!

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